How it works

The Genius.AI Affiliate+ Program is a 3-tiered affiliate program where you can get rewards on each sale you or your sub-affiliates bring to Genius.AI
1. Learn about Genius.AI
Create an account to learn about Genius.AI, how it works, and have it streamline your social selling & marketing
2. Recommend
Sign up to our Affiliate+ Program by logging into your account, then click "Sell Genius" from the menu bar.
3. Earn
Genius.AI affiliates earn 30% recurring commissions on all users they refer - and if you bring any users that decide to become an affiliate, you earn on their sales, too!

3 Tiers of Recurring Commission

The Genius.AI Affiliate+ Program is a 3-tiers Affiliate Program that meant to foster leadership & support for Network Marketers & Entrepreneurs.

Tier 1

For individuals who are excited to share Genius.AI and spread the word about their success.


On monthly or annual subscriptions.

Tier 2

Invite your Genius.AI customers to share Genius with you! You'll be rewarded for each of their subscribers.


From each recurring Subscription they sell on each subscription Tier 2 brings in.

Tier 3

Now, you're helping grow the community, fostering the growth of others, and bringing the awesomeness of Genius.AI to even more people!


For each Recurring Subscription your Tier 3 Sells on each subscription Tier 3 brings in.

Why Affiliate With Genius?

Join the AI Revolution
Network Marketing & Sales are being revolutionised by AI - Learn about our product & share it with others!
Vibrant Community
Be part of a vibrant community of people who are learning about AI and do MORE business thanks to AI-powered social selling!
our Affiliate+ Program allows you to earn commissions on each recurring sale you and your sub-affiliates make.

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